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TRIZ & Systematic Innovation are thinking processes. Users need to understand them before contemplating using our tools. When users know the process, our job is to offer the absolute cream of TRIZ knowledge. Our ongoing programme of research – currently benefiting from over 7 million case studies – is designed to continuously feed new knowledge into our software tools. 98% of innovation attempts end in failure. We are the only enterprise on the planet that understands the difference between the 98% that failed and the 2% that were successful. We exist to decode the DNA of innovation success and make it accessible to innovators across all domains.

Someone, somewhere already solved your problem. TRIZtools is the place to go to find what they did and how to apply it to your specific situation.


The future evolution of the world’s technical, business and IT systems is completely predictable in terms of what evolution jumps will occur. EvPot2020 allows users to access a comprehensive suite of 38 technology, 32 business and 26 IT evolution roadmaps.

It allows users to map and quantify the relative maturity of their current solution and, crucially, to then reveal all of their untapped evolution potential. EvPot2020 assists innovators to create bulletproof patents, manage their innovation strategy and ‘trendstorm’ their way to a myriad breakthrough innovation ideas.

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Innovation happens when contradictions, conflicts and trade-offs are eliminated. Most people assume that it is necessary to make compromises. Matrix2020 is the software that proves you don’t. Whether you’re working with technical, business, IT situations, Matrix2020 allows users access to the world’s biggest database of contradiction solutions.

Tell the software what you’re trying to improve and what’s stopping you, and it will present you with a ranked list of the best generic solution strategies of our 7 million case study examples.

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Complexity is everywhere. Managing complexity means managing the relationships between all the people, things and processes we have to deal with. PercepMap is the only software tool for cataloguing and managing these interactions and relations to deliver meaningful insight.

Determine the question you want to answer, collate all of the different stakeholder opinions and perceptions, and the software will reveal their underlying and overarching meaning and provide ranked lists of solution insights.

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